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Ziroziro, formerly known as
Cube Space, is a music development agency for music creators and professionals.

We practice a restorative and care-centered approach to inform the designs of our career development spaces for our network to engage, develop, and play with their practice.

We encourage activating networks and sharing industry knowledge that supports the notion that our careers must be fulfilling for us first.

We encourage artistic integrity, advocate creative expression, and provide knowledge on building regenerative practices.

The Supporting Act Foundation 

TSA, an offshoot of WeTransfer, granted us 2 years of support through their Impact Grant. This allows us to delve into the music industry's dynamics and our place in the bigger picture. We're conducting vital research on barriers faced by the global majority in this field, collaborating with academics, designing operational models, and engaging with our community.

Music Production Camps

Born in a festival greenroom, our inaugural production camp with Emmavie invites emerging producers, emphasizing inclusivity. Proudly supported by Ableton, our seasonal camps thrive online and IRL, shaping the future of digital music.

A/D Garage

A/D garage is our audio tech workshop where you can pull things apart and put them back together again. No question is wrong, play is a must and accessible upskilling to support music creation is the legacy. 
Partners and supporters

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