The Dandelion Project with RunOffs

Make a wish, ground it and watch it grow.

A six week long programme offering Creative Wellbeing Coaching & Music Mentoring to mid-level music professionals based in the UK.  

It’s easy to forget how resourceful we really are, to forget that there is power in our choices, dreams and beliefs. It’s easy to get distracted by things outside of us, things that have little or no contribution to our broader dreams and long term mission. The challenge is in changing, changing perspective, behaviour, direction, circumstances. That isn’t easy.

The Dandelion Project exists to support desired and intentional change for those who are willing and ready. By combining Music Mentoring and Creative Wellbeing Coaching, music professionals have the opportunity to identify and clear blocks, and begin to make grounded moves towards their music career goals.

Although this project is open to all UK based music professionals, we will be prioritising applications from black and brown women, as well as gender marginalised talent.

Applications open on Wednesday 28 February and close on Tuesday 12 March.

Complete your application here.

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