Who we are

ziroziro, formerly known as cube space, is a music development agency for the empowerment of music creators and professionals.

In the beginning there was fluidity. We began with a felt sense, each time adding form to our ideas. We knew our primary intention was to help people with a connection to music, equip them with tools to tell their stories and create environments that energise our spirits. We love creating spaces, filled with talented humans that reflect our identities in effort to fill the felt and experienced gaps in the music industry. 

We practice a restorative and care-centred approach to inform the designs of our career development spaces for our network to engage, develop and play with their practice. We encourage activating networks and sharing industry knowledge that supports the notion that our careers must be fulfilling for us first.

We encourage artistic integrity, advocate creative expression and provide knowledge on building regenerative practices. 

As we design from an extension of who we are, we support industry talent from underground communities which is core to our development and anchors our why.  

Our mission is empowered by our collective of music makers and professionals who inspire us to uplift the development of talent across the music industry, creating bold new work with fresh narratives.